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Iron Ore Concentrate Line with Large Capacity—Direct Supplier

A few days ago, a friend from Zimbabwe contacted and told us that he was taking charge of a project regarding iron ore and wanted a large-size concentrating line with the throughput of 300,000 tons per year to process iron ore. Meanwhile, we were so glad to receive his chemical analysis report which plays an important part in our preparation of the best solution for him. And I am going to talk about the ore beneficiation plant in this article.

magnetic separation

1. Procedures of Magnetic Separation

Magnetic separation processing is mainly carried out in the magnetic separator. Here come the main procedures: after pulp flows into sorting space, ferrous particles begin to be magnetized in inhomogenous magnetic fields and be sticky to cylinder under the attraction of magnetic fields. Then the ferrous will be delivered into ferrous end products through the rotary cylinder, while the non-ferrous still remaining in pulp will be screened out to be non-ferrous end products.

2. Primary Condition Requested for Magnetic Separation

Mineral particles will be under the influence from the joint work of magnetic and mechanical forces (gravity, centrifugal force, dielectric resistance, friction and etc) when passing through magnetic separator.

concentrating line

3. Price of a Complete Magnetic Separation line

The phrase of "extremely expensive" pops up in our minds when it comes to the price of a complete ore beneficiation equipment. In order to help you to find an ideal manufacturer, I am here to recommend Fote, a friend who really cares about your needs.

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